Yoga class Monday 8th Jan 2024 @ 19:00 Nieuwe Sint Janstraat 35

Yoga class at Nieuwe Sint Janstraat 35

Dear yoga community,

Join me this week for a nice class focusing on Hatha yoga foundations. We will do some pranayama, practice the traditional Hatha surya namaskar, and some simple asana for building strength and stability, before closing with relaxation.

Please bring your yoga mat, and maybe a blanket or cosy sweater for your comfort during savasana. If you can, please arrive a few minutes early, because the door will be closed after the class begins. This class donation based (see below), but there is no obligation, you are very welcome as you are!

Looking forward to seeing you there!



  1. Paul van den Berg says:

    As I have another activity on tuesday night every 14 days, can I join the classes
    in St Jan once every 2 weeks?
    I am a 70 years old male with previous hatha yoga practice, but that is 20 years ago.

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