Workshop circle dancing and spiritual connection @De Loods

Angelos is giving a workshop on circle dancing and spiritual connection on Sunday 11 June. The workshop is part of the ‘Back to school’ event that takes place at De Loods (see the attached schedule for more details).

In this unique and immersive experience, Angelos will invite you to discover the rich tapestry of Greek culture through traditional dance while deepening your spiritual connection with yourself, your fellow dances, and the whole universe. You will learn the basic dancing steps of 3 different Greek traditional dances and we will dance together while holding hands altogether as a group. Each dance bears its unique symbolism and cultural significance, allowing you to embody the spirit and energy of this ancient art form.
As you move through the steps and formations of Greek dances, you will experience a profound sense of connection to your body, the earth beneath your feet, and the collective energy of the group. The circular patterns and synchronized movements of Greek dances reflect the interconnectedness of all beings with the universe and the continuous flow of life itself.