Yoga Class Tuesday 25 June, 19:00 – 20:15 @Stadspark

Dear Yogis & Yoginis!

This Tuesday, 25th of June, I would love to share a Hatha Yoga class with you!
The class takes place from 19:00 – 20:15 at the Stadspark. At our usual place the field of stadspark parkrun on Google maps.

In this class we will start with some explanation about the third Bandha, which is called Jalandhara Bandha or chin lock.
After that I will guide you through a long pranayama session where we will use all three bandhas together; Maha Bandha or the great lock. Besides that we will use our Ujjayi breath or sound breath during the Pranayama session.

After that I will guide you through a dynamic sequence where we focus on alignment and breathing to continue with holding some postures for longer. Finishing slowing down and during Savasana some live handpan tunes. This class is suitable for all levels and itโ€™s always possible to adjust postures.

For this class you need a yoga mat and comfortable clothes to move in. Please bring, if you have a strap and a block to sit on (or a blanket since we sit for a while during Pranayama). I will bring some extra straps to the park for who doesnโ€™t have their own.

Also water bottle, sunscreen and mosquito repellent can come in handy. Or long sleeve pants and shirt might do.

I invite you to arrive 10 minutes early to set up your space. After class there is the option to hang around in the park for some chitchatting.

This class is donation based and we came up with a donation scale but we welcome and stimulate everybody to join the yoga! So if donation is not an option for you in this moment just let us know but please join the class ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป
Feel free to bring a friend, or two to class to share the yoga knowledge and community spirit!

I hope to see many of you on Tuesday!

Namaste ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

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